WITS Record Quick Reference
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WITS Record Quick Reference

Click on any of the entries below to see the full list of records available for that group.

WITS Table 01 (General, Time Based)

WITS Table 02 (Drilling, Depth Based)

WITS Table 03 (Drilling Connections)

WITS Table 04 (Hydraulics)

WITS Table 05 (Tripping & Casing, Run-Time Based)

WITS Table 06 (Tripping & Casing, Connection Based)

WITS Table 07 (Survey & Directional)

WITS Table 08 (MWD Formation Evaluation)

WITS Table 09 (MWD Mechanical)

WITS Table 10 (Pressure Evaluation)

WITS Table 11 (Mud Tank Volumes)

WITS Table 12 (Chromatograph Gasses, Cycle based)

WITS Table 13 (Chromatograph Gasses, Depth based)

WITS Table 14 (Lagged Continuous Mud Properties)

WITS Table 15 (Cuttings & Lithology)

WITS Table 16 (Hydrocarbon Show)

WITS Table 17 (Cementing)

WITS Table 18 (Drill Stem Testing)

WITS Table 19 (Configuration)

WITS Table 20 (Mud Report)

WITS Table 21 (Bit Report)

WITS Table 22 (Remarks)

WITS Table 23 (Well Identification)

WITS Table 24 (Vessel Motion & Mooring Status)

WITS Table 25 (Weather & Sea Conditions)


WITS Activity Codes

Code Activity Description
0 Undefined Status Anything not covered by other activity codes.
1 Rig Up & Tear Down The act of installing and removing the rig. The start and end of these operations will be specified by the operator.
2 Drilling The process of making new hole.
3 Connection (drilling) The process of adding a joint of drillpipe to the string.
4 Reaming Return to total depth with pumps on, pipe rotating and/or weight on bit.
5 Hole Opening Act of opening pilot hole to full gauge.
6 Coring Act of cutting a conventional core.
7 Condition and/or Circulate mud Pumps on with pipe turning slowly and/or some pipe reciprocation and/or no weight on bit and no increase in total depth.
8 Tripping In The act of running the drillstring into the hole.
9 Tripping Out The act of pulling the drillstring from the hole.
10 Lubricate Rig Regularly scheduled service or preventative maintenance which interrupts the current rig activity.
11 Rig Repair An unscheduled interruption to the current rig activity resulting from equipment failure, e.g. blown pop-off valve, blown swivel packing, dropping blocks etc.
12 Cut/Slip Drilling Line The act of cutting and slipping the drilling line.
13 Deviation Survey The activity associated with taking a survey.
14 Wireline Logs Time spent rigging up, running, and rigging down wireline tools.
15 Run Casing The time from rigging up to run casing/liner until casing/liner is in position.
16 Cementing The time spent on cementing operations.
17 Plug Back The time spent setting a cement plug. This does not include tripping.
18 Squeeze Cementing The time spent performing a cement squeeze job. This does not include tripping.
19 Wait On Cement The time required for the cement to gain sufficient strength to drillout, or the time required by a regulatory agency after the cement plug is bumped. This time will be supplied by the operator.
20 Drill Cement and/or Float Equipment Drilling cement, float collar and/or casing shoe following a cement job, plug back, sidetrack etc.
21 Nipple Up /Nipple Down BOP Stack The act of installing or removing the BOP stack. This time will be recorded only if it exceeds the wait-on-cement time.
22 Test BOP Regularly scheduled BOP test after casing, etc.
23 Drill Stem Test The time spent drill stem testing. This does not include tripping the test tool.
24 Fishing The time spent attempting to fish items from the hole. This does not include tripping.
25 Directional Work The time spent performing directional work (not simply a survey). This does not include tripping.
26 Well Control Well kill and associated operations, e.g. observe pressures, weight up mud, circulate on choke, etc.
27 Stuck Pipe Act of freeing pipe which cannot be pulled by normal processes.
28 Wait on Weather Waiting caused by adverse weather conditions.
29 Subsea Run/Pull Riser, stack, wear bushing, etc.
30 Flow Check Check for fluid flow from well while not pumping
31 Pressure Integrity Test Pressure test on the casing or a "leak-off" test on exposed formation.
32 Lost Circulation Time spent combatting lost circulation problems
33 Short Trip In The act of running the drillstring back to bottom after a short trip.
34 Short Trip Out The act of pulling the drillstring for a short trip.